Saturday, October 01, 2011

I heart autumn.

My friend and I had an autumn adventure yesterday:

First, we went to Harvey's Big Potato, where there was an abundance of fresh produce. I loved the piles of pumpkins! We also found our way through the corn maze. (It was my first time!)

Then, we continued a little ways down the road to visit the Country Pumpkin. Not only did they have pumpkins, other fruits and veggies, and baked goods, but they had animals, too! The llamas were funny looking and the goats were cute, but this guy was my favourite. He followed me along the fence, letting me pet him, and licking my hand.

We're only a week into autumn and I'm in love already.


  1. Aww the pony was your favourite? See we are family! (even if not by blood) ;)

  2. haha yup! the pony was my favourite!


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