Tuesday, November 01, 2011

hello, Monday!

It's Monday, which means I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello!

Hello to a mall date with Stephanie. We share a mutual love for Chapters and Starbucks.

Hello to dressing up in costumes, simple but fun. 

Hello, cowgirl, Magic 8 Ball, Salt and Pepper, and Sandy. (Danny was there, too!)

Hello, "Scary-oke" with fellow BEd-ers. We celebrated being done first term!

Hello, late night trip to The Dip. 

Hello, early birthday flowers from Nadine. 

Hello, breakfast date with Momma and Frank. 

Hello, dancing to the "Monster Mash" and singing "The Holly and the Ivy" in Costco. That's what happens when they have a music player with Halloween and Christmas music. 

Hello to a potluck, celebrating a friend's birthday

Hello, cup of tea. (Extra comforting because it was made by Melissa, and served in the mug from Tiffy).

Hello, curling up with a blanket and reading for fun. 

Hello, taking a nap at 6 PM, which was extra enjoyable because I didn't have to feel guilty about not doing schoolwork. (Did I mention I'm done first term?)

Hello to the first snow of the season. 

Hello, listening to Christmas music on October 30th. (I had to, guys. Halloween music just didn't cut it when there was snow on the ground!)

Hello, Second Cup date with Tiffy and Amy.

Hello to an impromptu movie date with Melissa. We saw 50/50 and it was fantastic. I laughed and cried - what more could you ask for in a movie?

Hello, Monday! And hello, Halloween!

What are you saying hello to on this spooky day?

P.S. Happy Halloween!


  1. Tomorrow I'll be saying hello to my babydog, other dogs, horses, cats and home (but goodbye to the Maritimes)

  2. Hello to heart to hearts

    Hello to first day at my internship

    Hello to our one and only trick or treater

    Hello to going to bed before midnight

    Hello to a ton of leftover candy to pack in my lunch all week!

    Love <3


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