Thursday, October 27, 2011

happy birthday, Emily!

My best friend, Emily, turns 21 today. 

She is one of the best people I know. Seriously, if there was a "Best Person of the Year" award, Emily would win it. In fact, she would eventually be banned from entering the competition because she would win it every year. Not that Emily would enter the competition, because she is extremely modest. Someone else would have to be stealthy and secretly nominate her for the award.

If I was up for the challenge of being stealthy and secretive, these are some of the things I would write on the nomination form: 

If you are sick with a horrendous cold, she will bring you Vicks VapoRub and the newest issue of People

She tapes treats to your door just because

She writes quotes and lyrics on your whiteboard and Facebook wall. 

She likes to travel and I just know that she is going to see a lot of the world in her lifetime. 

She is adventurous. I have had some of my favourite "adventures"with her: visiting a sugar bush to see how maple syrup is made, apple picking, whale watching, and visiting Hunter Brothers' Farm.

She'll comfort you when you just can't stop crying. 

She'll listen to you complain and not make you feel bad or guilty about it. 

When you're (finally) done complaining, she will make you list 3 good things in your life. And then 5. And then 10. Before you know it, you're feeling pretty darn good again. 

She cares about the environment. "Reducing, reusing, and recycling" might as well be her motto. 

She pays attention. If you say something once, she will remember it. 

She gives the most thoughtful gifts. 

She has fantastic taste in books. She is the one who recommended Still Alice to me. And The Art of Racing in the Rain. And The Wednesday Sisters. I have never been disappointed by a book she has suggested.

She is one of the most caring people I know; she is kind to everyone, and oh so reliable. 

She is thoughtful and philosophical. You can talk to her about anything. She is probably the wisest 20-year-old 21-year-old I know.

She gives the best advice. If you have a problem or need a suggestion, see her. 

Emily, you deserve the happiest of days, along with the award! Happy birthday!


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