Friday, March 05, 2021

happy friday!

Mabel took this photo and I kind of love it. It's interesting to think of how she sees me.

The first half of this week felt like it dragged by, but the second half feels like I blinked. Here are some of the things that made me happy: 

+ The whole family—me, T, Mabel, and Clarke—doing Just Dance videos in the living room. 

+ Clarke asking for a "cuddle" right before I put him in his crib for bedtime. (He always emphasizes the second syllable, "Cu-DDLE!")

+ Dinner out with friends. We ate at Amazing Thai. BJ friends, go there and order the seasonal curry and pineapple rice. 

+ This water bottle! I'm finally drinking water! 

+ A student saying, "Please don't go, Ms. Amanda. I want you to keep working with me."

+ We have bedside lamps that work now! (The lamps are built into our nightstands and haven't worked since we moved into our apartment 6 months ago. We swapped for ones that work and it's been a great reminder that little things can make a big difference.)

+ Mabel woke up yesterday morning at 6AM but then said, "I want to sleep more" and went back to bed. (Why can't this happen on weekends?) 

+ These library holds became available. 

+ An acquaintance won a 60 min massage but isn't able to use it so she gave it to me! I was so surprised and grateful. People can be so kind. 

What made you happy this week?

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