Thursday, February 18, 2021


I'm cheating a bit because this photo is actually from December.

drinking a lukewarm caramel macchiato that has already been reheated once.

feeling anxious; I'm not sure why. 

growing my hair out. 

looking forward to the opening of my friend Dani's art exhibit tonight at Zarah

wondering if I'll actually get back into blogging.

trying to remember how to blog. 

navigating the new (to me) Blogger layout and wondering if I should switch to Wordpress.

thinking about the bed and bookshelf from IKEA that we ordered and then cancelled. 

wishing I was better at decorating and making decisions.

reading magazines on my new iPad with my free Apple News+ trial. 

spending more time on TikTok than I want to admit. 

taking deep breaths.

making a to do list in my head. 

wanting to do more decluttering.

What are you doing currently? And do you read magazines? Which ones?


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