Friday, December 13, 2019

happy friday!

When I think back on the last two weeks, "happy" is not the first word that comes to mind. Mabel, Clarke, and I were sick with bad colds. And then Mabel and I got hit with a stomach bug. (New Parenthood Level unlocked: Cleaning up after and caring for your child who just vomited everywhere.) (Oh, and have I mentioned we only have a tiny washer and no dryer?) And then Tony got hit with the stomach bug. And Clarke and I still have a cold.

All of this on top of some self-esteem issues, some other issues (vague much?) and the general day-to-day difficulties of parenting a toddler and a baby and just being a human in this world.

But when I thought about writing this post, I thought, 'Surely there must be something happy from this week.' And of course there is:

+ I got to watch my little duck in her winter concert. She sang two songs, one of which was "5 Little Ducks" and although she wasn't her usual energetic, enthusiastic self (stage fright or was her body already preparing to ruin my duvet several hours later?), she was so cute.

+ Smiles from Clarke—always, but especially as he nurses.

+ Being introduced to a new fave Christmas song.

+ A living room dance party to "Jingle Bells" with Mabel and Auntie Jo. (I want to remember that Mabel cried when I played the Frank Sinatra version :)

+ Auntie Jo coming last minute to take care of Clarke when Mabel and I were both sick.

+ FaceTime date with Cara.

+ A student from last year giving me homemade fudge.

+ A pasta + wine + hot chocolate + Christmas movie date with Auntie Jo. (Post-stomach issues, obviously.)

+ Cuddling with T and watching Modern Family. 

And this list could grow longer, I'm sure. So let this be your reminder to look for the positives, and also your permission to wallow for a bit if needed. I sure have. Warm blankets and tea help.

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