Saturday, August 17, 2019

happy saturday!

Mabel goes back to school next week (half days until 1PM) and I'm having mixed feelings about it. (She started a Montessori nursery program at the school I teach at when she was 18 months.) On one hand I'm excited because I know she'll be happy to be back with her teachers and classmates, and it will let me get Clarke on a better morning routine. On the other hand, I'll miss hanging out with my little girl.

I've told Tony numerous times this week, She is just so fun to hang out with! 

That's probably what made me happiest this week—hanging out with Mabel. We went on an impromptu Starbucks date because she asked for a "mudfin" (muffin), played at an indoor playground, went on another coffee date where she stole my almond croissant (she also stole the words right out of my mouth when she told me, "Mabel's; I share with you" after taking said croissant), and a shopping date. 

Other things that made me happy this week: 

+ Auntie Jo (Melissa) came back! I don't know who's happier about that, me or Mabel. 

+ Mabel finding Toy Story pyjamas at GAP while we were shopping. She came running over holding them, "Toy Dory! Toy Dory!" I knew that no matter how much they cost, I'd buy them for her; luckily they were on sale. (She somehow became obsessed with Toy Story this summer and we've watched the first three movies many, many times—usually in parts, but she sat through all three numerous times one weekend when she was so sick and couldn't do anything else.)

+ Going out last night with Melissa. It was so fun and relaxing to drink beer and chat with my best friend on a patio.

+ IKEA trip this morning with Mabel and Melissa. So fun to shop with my girls.

+ Our sister-in-law sending us photos she took of the kids while she was visiting. It's so cool to see your kids through someone else's eyes.

What made you happy this week?

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