Friday, April 13, 2018

happy friday!

On Fridays, if you ask me how my week was, I'll probably give you a blank look and say, "Um... it was good... I think... I don't really remember... it was a blur!" My days are repetitive: Wake up, shower (or not), feed Mabel (breastmilk and then solids), play with her, put her down for a nap, eat breakfast myself... you get the picture. Each day can feel loooong, but the weeks are fast. They definitely have pockets of happiness though (and honestly, isn't there a bundle of happiness in boring, long days? I know there might come a time when I will ache for days like that).

Here's some of what made me happy this week:

+ Cooking a simple, quick, delicious dinner of asparagus and salmon for my family.

+ Taking myself on a "date." (I got a black tea latte from Starbucks and then wandered through a few stores, window shopping and buying shoes for Mabel. She's ten and a half months old but wearing size 3-6 month shoes.)

+ The first lilac sighting (and smelling) of spring 2018!

+ Spotting wrapped purple flowers in a man's bicycle basket as he cycled by.

+ Listening to two of my fave podcasts. (I really need to write an update to this post.)

+ Playing outside with Mabel in the sunshine for almost 2 hours one afternoon this week (and her baba leaving work a bit early to join us).

+ Being a passenger on Melissa's scooter for the first time. (Why did we wait so long?! From now on, we scoot everywhere!)

+ Eating at Ramo. (Greek flatbread + white wine, thumbs up emoji)

+ Meeting Makayla, the newest CISB baby!

+ Plans to have a date night with T tonight! Our first since Mabel was born!(!!!!)

I know that as soon as I hit publish, I'll think of many more things that made me happy, and isn't that happy in itself? What made you happy this week?

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