Wednesday, June 14, 2017

may book report.

I guess May was a month of mostly non-fiction for me, which makes sense because I usually listen to non-fiction books and actually read fiction, and May was busy what with work and getting ready for a baby (lucky we got things ready since Mabel came 2 and a half weeks early!), so I obviously had less time for reading but more time for listening. (Holy, run-on sentence.)

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West / I listened to this from Audible and it's read by West. I always love when a book is read by the author; I think it adds another layer to the experience. I enjoyed this collection of essays, ranging from fat-shaming to rape jokes to internet trolls. I've seen some criticism that West is just another white woman adding her voice to feminism, but I don't think that discounts her writing or the book's merit. It's on us to seek and hear diverse voices.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi / I'd wanted to read this for awhile but had been hesitating because I didn't know if I could handle it seeing as how I was pregnant and a little more emotional than usual. I'm so glad I finally listened to it. It was beautifully written and I found it made me reflective, but not overly sad (until the epilogue written by Paul's wife, Lucy Kalanithi; I couldn't listen in the morning while getting ready for work or I knew I'd be a weepy mess in front of my students). Being a surgeon and a patient, and combining a love for science and literature, Paul offers a unique perspective of life and death.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight / A quick, refreshing read. (Actually, I listened to it.) A lot of the examples given didn't apply to me, but I did like the reminders to stop caring what other people think of you and that it's possible to "not give a f*ck" without being an a**shole. Since listening, I've found myself thinking, 'nope, this is not worth any f*cks' about things in my life and I think it's helped me to let things go and focus more on what's actually important. (Note: Obviously this book—especially the audio version—isn't for you if you have a problem with profanity.)

This is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel / I don't know what to say other than I LOVED this book. As a teacher, as a mom-to-be, as a human. If you are any of the above, you should read it. There wasn't a lot of action, but the plot was still interesting and I can't decide which I loved more, the characters or the writing.

What have you read and loved (or not loved) lately?

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