Monday, June 06, 2016


// How cool are these (free!) colouring posters?

// Teacher friends and book-lovers: Free audiobooks for your summer reading!!!

// T and I are definitely going to make this spicy Asian salmon noodle salad sometime soon!

// Anyone else know what it's life to feel bloated way too often? 9 Reasons You're Bloated (That Have Nothing To Do With Your Diet)

// Finally! Taco and fingers crossed emojis! (And a dumpling emoji, too!)

// Do you buy SIM cards when you travel? I agree with Edna on this one.

// I didn't write this, but I found myself nodding in agreement as I read: An open letter to my students, and their parents

// Teachers often take their work home with them, but I dream of this: "We’re trusted to do a good job; do our work; then leave."

// 17 Bookstores That Will Change Your Life *heart eyes emoji*

// Can We Guess Your Exact Age With These Food Questions? They were only one year off for me!

// I just ordered this essential oil diffuser necklace. And this one.* (I don't even own any essential oils... yet.)

// Any fellow Saved by the Bell fans want to visit The Max with me?! I wish!

P.S. I'm snapchatting now! My username is ajizhang!

(Image: DesignLoveFest)

*Use code INSTAGRAM to save $5 at Aroma Couture.

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