Monday, May 16, 2016


I was on the brink of being sick all last week. I told T, This is worse than being sick! I'm almost sick, so I feel like crap, but I don't feel sick enough to stay home from work. I wish my body would just decide to be sick or feel better!

Well, as of yesterday, I'm sick. Runny nose, stuffed sinuses, achy body, sneezing, sore throat. But I still went to work because "there's so much to do." It's in quotations because isn't that what all teachers say? But it's true! Plus, tomorrow's a field trip!

I'm on the couch, a glass of water fizzing with vitamin C beside me, kleenex on the other side, with no plans to move until (an early) bedtime. I'm pretty sure T will offer to cook supper and I'll happily (and almost guilt-free) accept his offer.

For now, here's what I've bookmarked in the past week (or two?):

// Truth. (Also currently my phone wallpaper because I'm hoping it will sink in.)

// Great read for my teacher friends (I highlighted so much when I read it): "Letting Go of 'Letter of the Week'"

// Loved this interview with Dax Shepard and this one with Kristen Bell. (Really, I loved all of the Off Camera interviews with those two.)

// Interesting and heart-warming: On Being a Surrogate.

// Now I want to go back to Hong Kong! (I went last year for my bachelorette!)

// Thinking I'm gonna have to make these freezer breakfast burritos next week.

// Here's How Much the Apartments in Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Sex and the City, and More Would Really Rent For

// I'm not in a long-distance relationship but maybe you are? Here's a sweet post.

// "If my mother was a friend or partner..."

// Breathtaking photos of the Fort McMurray wildfires.

// I want a Conner kind of love.

(Photo: Victoria Smith)

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