Wednesday, March 16, 2016

why you should visit china!

A couple of weeks ago, Joella emailed me to ask if I'd like to participate in a collaborative post about why people should visit China. I got so excited that Tony asked me, "Um, is this girl famous or something?" She's not famous, but I love her blog and she was a fellow expat living the Beijing life before she moved to sunny California. (Is there a jealous face emoji?) 

I've lived here for almost 4 years and I haven't had a visitor yet, but the good news is I'm here for at least another 2 years! So friends and family (and friendly strangers), pop over to Joella's blog to read why I and 13 other people think you should visit China, and then buy a plane ticket!

I'll be here waiting, ready to give you chopstick and squat toilet lessons ;)

P.S. Welcome to China and Chinese New Year in photos.

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