Monday, March 14, 2016


// Mind-blowing architectural density in Hong Kong!

// A bit heavy, and I don't identify as LGBTTQ2SI, but I highlighted a few sections. I think it's helpful as I think of my own family, healing, and establishing boundaries. Embedded in Trauma: Providing and Surviving in LGBTTQ2SI Communities

// As someone who felt conflicted about the decision to change my name, I found this interesting: Why I'm Returning to My Maiden Name.

// I'm loving Apartment Therapy lately: modern thank-you note etiquette, why you need to go to bed early, and a tea & colouring club.

// 26 Tweets That Will Make A Whole Lot Of Sense To Married People. I especially loved numbers 6, 8, 11, 16, and 20.

// I can't imagine folding my socks or underwear, but maybe I will after I (finally) read Marie Kondo's book?

// The Strange and Surprising History of Daylight Saving Time (Fun fact: We don't "spring ahead" or "fall back" here in Beijing.)

(Photo by Michael Wolf, via BoredPanda)

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