Tuesday, February 09, 2016

home sweet henan.

Just a few people... and this was 1 of 13 waiting rooms at the train station.

It's 5 hours on a high speed train + a 2 hour car ride to Tony's home.

T's "backyard" and neighbour's place.

I love exploring T's neighbourhood.

All of the homes are made with concrete and most are left unpainted. Businesses—think plumbers, electricians—write their names and phone numbers on the homes. Even 2 years later, I'm so fascinated by it. If it was my home, I think I'd be annoyed!

Some of the businesses have gone "legit" with stamps ;)

It's that time of year again, Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year / Spring Festival. (Is there any other holiday that is known by so many names?) Whatever you call it, T and I are back in his hometown of Gushi (pronounced "goose"), Henan.

He's sick, poor guy, and I'm still getting over the flu. As we do every year, we're eating dumplings and noodles, visiting family, and wearing sweaters and coats inside, despite it being above 0°C (18°C yesterday!) because concrete homes and people's reluctance to turn on heaters. And there are new babies to cuddle this year, and babies turned toddlers to play with and make laugh. I'm a hit with the kids, always.

The first year I came home with Tony everything was exciting and new, and I blogged almost every day. Last year was less exciting, with the exception of our Chinese wedding! And this year, I think I finally feel at home, and even a little bored, because everything just feels normal.

But I know it's exciting for other people and you might be curious, so here are links to make reading about my time in Henan easier for you:

Chinese New Year 2014: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Days 6 & 7 / Days 8 & 9

Chinese New Year 2015: Our Chinese wedding!

P.S. Welcome to China...

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