Friday, February 26, 2016

happy friday!

It's this wonderful man's birthday today! This photo is my favourite right now. I feel like it captures him so well. I LOVE Tony's laugh. When he's really, truly happy or finds something really funny he breaks into this super dorky laugh and it is everything. His eyes light up, his eyes crinkle, and his smile is so darn big. When I captured it last week, I was like, This is it! This is Tony! You guys, at the risk of being too schmoopy, I just love him so much.

As for the rest of the week, well... it was the first week back to work after a two-week vacation so I feel like it could have been really bad or really good, and it was... both. There were highs and lows; I was really happy and content, and really sad and frustrated, but the overwhelming feeling was just really positive. And isn't that a wonderful thing to realize? Overall, life is good.

I hope you had a positive week as well, and I hope you have a peaceful weekend. xo

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