Monday, February 22, 2016


Here's what I've bookmarked since last week:

// How gorgeous are these watercolour desktop wallpapers?

// Loved these tips: Easy & Affordable Ways to Add More Visual Joy to Your Home

// The New Brunswick Public Library Service has added Rosetta Stone to its collection of online databases! Could this be how I finally learn Mandarin?

// I recently watched this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe because I loved both the books and the movie when I was growing up?

// How To Love the Home You Have Just a Little Bit More

// I'm gonna try and make the switch to natural deodorant!

// I spent a fair amount of time this weekend scrolling through the #ObamaAndKids hashtag.

// How to Overcome Worry and Be a Friendlier Person. Great tips! I especially like the principles for overcoming worry, particularly #33.

// First Look At The New 'Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow Set (!!!)

// Love cooking dinner and singing along with the Kitchen Karaoke Classics Google Play station.

// I don't have kids, but I still think this is a beautiful essay on marriage.

(Image by Malissa Ryder via DesignLoveFest)

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