Friday, December 04, 2015

happy friday!

What date night looks like with hazardous pollution.*

As far as Fridays go, this is most certainly a happy one.

T and I have big plans for the weekend: a three course dinner with wine pairings tonight (it's just Element Fresh so it's not fancy, but it's free), a Christmas party complete with Yankee Swap tomorrow night (I'm so excited about my gift; I want it for myself!), and a promise to be phone and computer-free all day Sunday (Netflix not included, so we can still watch Friends because Tony is addicted).

Doesn't that sound like a fantastic weekend? What are your plans?

*I'm happy to report this is from the beginning of the week, when we went to see The Martian. (Have you seen it? Fantastic movie!) The air has been considerably better since Wednesday, so no masks for tonight's date!

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