Monday, December 07, 2015


// I love Joanna's gift guide every year! It's so personal and filled with neat ideas.

// Her mother doesn't get why she's depressed. So she explains the best way she knows how. Slow. Clap.

// How fun are these pineapple holiday cards?! Printable and free, too!

// If you're like me, this might be useful: 30 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself Over the Holidays

// Caravan Shoppe has lots of goodies for the holidays! Remember our paper Christmas tree? That was from Caravan! (Now I print one each year for my classroom; the kids think it's so fun!)

// I wish all parents were like this.

// Mass shootings since Sandy Hook, in one map—America, something has got to change!

(Photo by Life is Rosier. Visit her Etsy shop here!)

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