Tuesday, October 13, 2015

thanksgiving 2015.

We used 3 ovens and 2 hot plates. 

Oh the noises and faces this guy makes—so funny. 


Carving like a boss.

Our spread.

The Zhangs ;)

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and I was so excited to host!

"How do you feel about me wearing your shoes?"

While out on our weekly date last Wednesday night, Melissa and I decided we would have a Thanksgiving dinner this year. We even ordered a turkey! (I've had some kind of Thanksgiving dinner every year since I've been in Beijing, but none of them have felt fully authentic or traditional and only one included turkey.) 

We decided to keep it really small and family-like, so it was just me, Tony, Melissa, and Ken. On Saturday afternoon (the only day we were all free), we went grocery shopping and that evening, Melissa and I cooked while the boys played the Wii and drank beer. 

Along with our 600RMB ($123 CAD!!!) turkey—now you know why I've only had one Thanksgiving dinner that included turkey—we had dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, squash, green beans, and dill pickles. For dessert, apple pie with ice cream! Well, three of us had apple pie; Tony had chicken feet :) #crossculturalcouple

Melissa and I enjoyed kicking back afterwards and watching the boys do dishes. And then I kicked their butts at Mario Kart. And then I kicked their butts at Monopoly ;) 

Maybe the best part... hot turkey sandwiches a couple days later! It was Tony's first; he asked, "Do I toast the bread?"

China is really starting to feel like home. 

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