Sunday, October 18, 2015

how to have an almost perfect sunday.

Sleep in a little—until 8AM. Realize the AQI is moderate instead of hazardous, yay! Decide you will go out for brunch and groceries. But spend a little more time in bed first, watching Periscope videos.

Wear your current favourite lip colour. Tease your husband about looking like he's ready for a flood. Walk to brunch, eat an okay meal, realize that you've earned enough points for a 3-course wine dinner for two. 

Walk to get groceries. Laugh because the girl behind the counter at the butcher is flirting with your husband. Get excited when you find all the ingredients you need to make banana muffins at the grocery store. Ask your fruit lady what it is she's eating, take a piece when offered, and realize that the strange fruit you've been wondering about is a persimmon and it doesn't taste bad, but you won't be buying any either. 

Walk home while using your iPhone like a boombox, occasionally stopping to dance on the sidewalk. Ask your husband, "Do I embarrass you, or are you used to me now?" (His answer: "I'm used to you" with an eye-wrinkled laugh and kiss.) 

Stop for a bubble tea on the way home. Read all the blog posts in your reader. Order a Halloween costume. Make garlic parmesan roasted chickpeas. Decide to go out for dinner. 

Throw your clothes back on. Spray a bit of perfume, but don't touch up your lipstick because the scent will make you happy, but who cares about smudged lips? 

Walk to your favourite hot pot place. Eat until you're almost-stuffed. Walk home, laughing and talking the whole way. 


The reason it's almost perfect? You spent 4 hours the night before trying to buy tickets to Bali, which involved 3 phone calls to Visa, too many phone calls to count to the discount airfare company, too much time on hold, many frustrating conversations, a fight with your husband, so there's still some leftover gloom. 

And then, while drinking your morning coffee, you say to your husband, "I am such a jerk! Do you know how many people would love to go to Bali? And we're going, and I'm complaining because it was a hassle to get tickets. I mean, we're going to Bali." Self-awareness. Gratitude. They take time and practice.

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