Monday, October 05, 2015


// Tony and I made these breakfast burrito stuffed peppers a couple weeks ago—delicious!

// What should a 4-year-old know?

// I'm loving this peanut butter cup tea and want to try honeycrisp apple.

// I promise I'm not sponsored by David's Tea, but I think this care package is genius! Expedited shipping is even included!

// This printable autumn bucket list looks cool.

// "George Weasley did not celebrate his twenty first birthday."

// Thinking I might have to put together a work survival kit.

// I wonder if Tony's seen any of these Disney movies. Possible Netflix marathon in our future?

// My choices are not a commentary on yours.

// 10-year-olds, hahaha.

// "A wedding isn’t necessarily this moment where both of your families come together to become one big new family. It can be more like a breaking apart, where two people come together to form a new nuclear family. If you’ve come from a challenging background, a wedding can be a wonderful moment of renewal where you get to start over with your partner."

// 20 ways to find happiness.

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