Tuesday, September 29, 2015

october break goals.

We're on day four of a nine-day vacation. While other people are traveling, we stayed in Beijing because a) we like relaxing and let's be honest, traveling isn't always relaxing, and b) my passport is somewhere in between Beijing and Ottawa because I changed my name and had to apply for a new one.

Last year, I made a list of things we planned on doing during the October break. This year, I figured we didn't need a list, but after floating through the past 3 days (not necessarily a bad thing), I decided we do, in fact, need a list because a) it's fun to cross things off and b) this Type A lady needs some structure.

So, we made a list:

(In the interest of full disclosure: At the time this list was written, we had already had massages and I had already had my nails done. T asked me, "What, you're doing them again?!" "No... I just want to be able to cross them off." Yup, Class 1 Type A here. Not ashamed of it.)

Does our list consist of super exciting adventures? No. But then again, last year's didn't either and we enjoyed that break.

Now I gotta go, because I have 5 more days of relaxing productivity waiting for me.

(Notepad from A Beautiful Mess' Happy Mail)

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