Friday, August 14, 2015

happy friday!

This week has been a bit unusual because Tony went back to work on Monday and I didn't until today. That means I was home alone all week. I'm now 99% sure I wouldn't be happy being a stay at home mom.

I did enjoy having time to myself though. It was pretty much the only time I've been alone all summer. I did lots of laundry, dealt with emails and banking and student loan stuff, designed our thank you cards for the wedding, caught up on blog reading, and wrote blog posts. Most of this made me pretty happy.

Other things that made me happy this week:

+ My best friend moved in across the hall from me! (This is bittersweet because it means another best friend is no longer living across the hall from me. I miss you, Alanna!)

+ This lemon press. You guys, it's so simple but a game changer! I've been drinking so much more water!

+ Waking up early. Like, 4:30-6AM early. Jet lag, I don't hate you in this case.

+ Drinking coffee from my new Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market mug.

+ Being back in our apartment. It definitely feels like home.

+ Making a huge payment on my student loan. I'll be done so soon!

+ We're married! 3 weeks in, I'm still so excited about it!

P.S. Wondering about the photo above? We were installing a water filter and I guess we underestimated our water pressure when we were flushing it out. Black water everywhere. All over the bathtub, walls, shower curtain, ceiling, towels, sink, toilet, floor, Tony. Hahahahahaha! I ran away as soon as it started gushing, leaving poor T to turn it off. I asked him, "Does this say something about our marriage?" I helped him clean up, though! In the end, we got the filter installed, I think it's made a difference, and we laughed a lot. Go team!

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