Monday, August 24, 2015


// If someone wanted to make me a rainbow quilt, I'd write them a thank you card and probably love them forever.

// This meal prep post has so many great tips! It's inspired me to do better in the kitchen this year!

// This Mindy Kaling quote is worth reading.

// The Makeup Tax, it's a real thing.

// Related... Girl, You Don't Need Makeup.

// You guys, this is real life in Beijing.

// Tips for better black and white photos.

// Turns out Instagram photos of feet don't have to be boring.

// When I'm Gone. These letters from a father to his son... woah, in the best way.

// So much truth: "The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give"

// Coffee popsicles?! I need some shot glasses, stat!

// I've been itching for a new tattoo. These made me want one even more.

// How to Love a Muslim Man in America: "Eventually, we had to make a choice. Risk for a hope of an ‘us.’ Or, go on our separate journeys."

// Hooray, Target! One more reason to love them. And to wish they hadn't left Canada.

(Photo: Elise Cripe)

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