Monday, July 20, 2015


// How do you know your partner is the one?

// This photo and its caption is just one of the reasons I love Brandy.

// This studio apartment is dreamy. I want to live there.

// One of the best posts I've read about how to reach "inbox zero."

// "An apology letter to my body."

// I started using a DivaCup this week and I'm already a fan. "How and why to use a DivaCup"

// I think I'm going to change my name when I marry T, but this was interesting to read.

// This packing guide will be useful for my next vacation!

// I did get my dad all 11 seasons of Cheers, but... "25 Of The Best Responses To Amazon Prime Day". (#16 is my favourite.)

(Photo via Cup of Jo)

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  1. Happy wedding day, Amanda!! So excited for you guys. It's going to be the best day! You won't want it to end! Can't wait to see photos and a blog about it. :)


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