Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I'm home! I'm sitting in my Nan's living room, drinking Tim Hortons coffee. I took the above photo from the backseat of my mom's car (through the window, can you see the reflection?) and sent it to Tony. Since he came last summer, I feel like I'm seeing things through his eyes. I kept thinking yesterday, the clouds are so beautiful! Look at all the trees! So many trees!

Anyway, here's what I bookmarked last week:

// Now I want to fill a room with balloons!

// Someone buy this house because I can't.

// The life of a public librarian can be interesting/funny/touching.

// A simple, useful Instagram tip I didn't know.

// If you live in/near San Diego, please go to this event with Elise and Kal! I wish I could!

// Sad, relentless truth.

// Loved Erin's post on lust and love.

// I'm thinking I'd like to try this hair product.

// There are two kinds of people. What kind are you?

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