Monday, June 01, 2015


// Tulips! I wanna go there.

// If guys vacationed like girls. It's funny because it's true.

// If you were born today, this would be your name. Mine would be Isabella; tell me what yours would be! (via Smart, Pretty & Awkward)

// Scary but important to read because heart attack symptoms for women aren't always the same as men. (Did I ever tell you that I almost had a heart attack when I was 19? For real.)

// Awesome (free!) cards for graduates (or anyone else in your life who's achieved something big!)

// Airplane passengers as explained by their pants. (The last one made me laugh out loud, literally.)

// The World's Worst Website Ever! (My eyes! I can't believe some of those design elements (ha!) used to be used un-ironically on websites.)

// I need to remember this.

// Hate when your apple slices turn brown? Me too! Try this.

(Photo by designlovefest)

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