Tuesday, May 26, 2015

why I love my fanny pack.

Alternatively titled: "Why I've Spent a Ridiculous Amount of Time Looking for a Brown Leather Fanny Pack"

I bought this fanny pack when I was in Hong Kong. I love it. And now I want another one—I'm thinking brown leather—because I want options.

Why do I love my fanny pack? I couldn't have said it any better than Rachel Wilkerson Miller:

"When I step out in it, I feel insanely carefree. And I often find myself thinking, Is this how men feel every day? Because if so, holy shit.

I am constantly negotiating the things I will and will not do in my ongoing quest to be both accepted by society and also have a soul and fight the good feminist fight. And I've realized that while I will (or at least have) let a stranger pour hot wax on my vulva, I draw the line at carrying a big-ass shoulder bag.

As for how the fanny pack looks, well…any fucks I have to give about that actually won't fit in my awesomely tiny, hands-free bag, so I've had to let them go!"

Would you wear a fanny pack?

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