Saturday, May 23, 2015

happy saturday!

This week felt super long, not in a good way. Actually, maybe just the days felt long. Now that it's Saturday evening, I'm like, "Where did the week go?!" Isn't that the way?

Lots of things had me feeling blah this week. And nothing had me feeling blah too. Does that make sense? But lots made me happy too!

+ Spontaneous frozen yogurt date with T.

+ Downloading these two songs.

+ Lots of cute moments with my kiddos.

+ We began practicing our graduation song and the kids love it! (They made up their own actions. Adorable.)

+ Discovering the joy of happy hour. Happy hour right now means opening a Corona as soon as I get home.

+ Happy hour yesterday meant having a "shower beer" before Quiz Night!

+ Quiz Night! So much fun. Our team didn't win, but Melissa and I made a bet that the loser between our two teams would buy the winner brunch today. (Our team beat hers by a few points. Insert fist pump emoji here.) (Is there such a thing as a fist pump emoji?)

+ Brunch and nails date with Melissa today.

+ The Indian food that just arrived and the Gilmore Girls episode that T is loading on Netflix right now ;)

+ The plans we have with Paula to play cards and eat popcorn later tonight.

What made you happy this week?

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