Friday, April 03, 2015

happy friday!

Not gonna lie, this week felt kinda sucky. Personal stuff, being sick, school stuff, phew! But it's Friday! And a long weekend! Double happy!

Here's some of what made me happy this week:

happy friday / fire station

+ T getting me crackers and apple juice before he went to work when I took a sick day.

+ T saying, "We're a team!" re: personal stuff.

+ Alanna getting me ginger ale at the end of my sick day.

+ My TA bringing me homemade dumplings!

+ We went on a field trip to the fire station and one of my kids (who is just learning English) turned to me with the biggest smile and said, "Ms. Amanda! I'm so happy right now!" The fact that she was that happy, and the fact that she stopped and noticed how happy she was, and the fact that she shared it with me, made me so happy.

+ Hanging out with Alanna and Paula tonight. Girl talk and teacher talk for the win!

What made you happy this week?


  1. I really enjoy reading your "here's what made me happy this week" posts! I might just be inspired enough to start doing that myself too :) Also, I think a majority of us adults need to learn from your student - to be mindfully happy and express it! Hope the personal and medical issues have been resolved and all's good for ya!

  2. Yes! I also enjoyed the rainy day; it felt cozy!

  3. Thanks! I keep thinking I should start a link-up for the happy Friday posts. Kind of like Lisa Leonard's "Hello Monday" posts.

  4. Why not? It would be a great way to get to meet new bloggers too :)

  5. Any time you wanna write a happy friday post and link-up, I'd love to check it out!


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