Tuesday, April 28, 2015

bachelorette weekend in hong kong!

Only 2 more sleeps until my bachelorette weekend in Hong Kong! Melissa and Alanna have been planning it and I'm so excited!

I know there will be temporary tattoos and I think there will be matching t-shirts. 

There will be dinners and drinks and shopping and sightseeing and a girls' night in and a girls' night out.

I told Alanna today that we should probably have a vending machine beer at the airport to kick the celebration off right ;)

If you have any recommendations for things we should do/see/eat, I'd love to hear them!


P.S. That photo is my friend, Laura's. When Alanna and I saw it, we both asked, "How did you get up there? Did you have to hike?" There will be no hiking on this bachelorette weekend, haha! Luckily, there's a tram ;)


  1. Joella // Paper Crane StoriesTuesday, April 28, 2015 8:46:00 pm

    So exciting Amanda! I wish you a wonderful bachelorette weekend (or hen party/hen weekend as we say in the UK).

  2. Thanks! It's my first time going so I'm really excited!

  3. Have a fantastic time!! Bachelorettes are the best! 😃

  4. I'm sure you will (or had by now!) have a fantastic time in Hong Kong! We loved it when we were there last year and taking the tram up to the peak was definitely one of the highlights!

  5. We did have a fantastic time! So much fun to catch up with friends, made even more fun by being in a new place!


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