Sunday, April 12, 2015

103 days.

I had a bit of a surreal moment today when the manager at our fave brunch spot asked, "Is your husband here today?"


It's the first time someone has called Tony my husband not jokingly. Melissa and I grinned at each other like idiots and I almost teared up. He's going to be my husband. (!!!!)

wedding countdown

In other news, I had no idea how many days there were until the wedding until last weekend when I was checking my to do list on The Knot. 110 DAYS TO GO! I freaked out a bit, I didn't know how many days there were! I don't have a countdown! I'm not one of those brides that has a countdown! And then Melissa laughed and showed me her phone, "I have a countdown."

As of today, there are 103 days until Tony is officially my husband. Eek!

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