Friday, March 06, 2015

happy friday!

I (think) I've made the decision to bring "happy friday!" posts back. I was reading through the archives last night and these Friday posts made me feel... happy. Ha! And all the little things I wrote about brought back so many memories. I was able to remember the moments I wrote about so vividly. Plus, it doesn't hurt to focus on happiness, right? And these posts make sure I do that through the week.

So, here are some of the things that made me happy this week:

+ Tony gave me a belated Valentine's Day present.

+ Having dinner Monday night with Guill and Ella. We talked and talked (okay, mostly I talked), and we tried a new restaurant, Road 9 Pizzeria (or something like that). It was good!

+ I noticed the sun seems to be coming up earlier in the mornings now!

+ One of my students learned to fist bump this week and surprised me with her new skill. It was the cutest thing ever!

+ I bought myself a latte from Starbucks Tuesday night, to enjoy Wednesday morning. Best decision ever.

+ 5 of the 7 wedding dresses I ordered came this week! I've tried on a couple, but am waiting to try on the rest with friends.

+ Speaking of ordering things... I had also ordered 5 bras from HerRoom. Those of you who know me know that this was risky and very brave of me. (It was also very expensive.) But by some miracle, I like them all—I even love 2 of them—and they all fit!

+ I went to the doctor and a check-up, a blood test, and a chest x-ray later, found out I have a chest infection (second this winter!). That's not the happy part, of course. The happy part is that it was a chest infection and not something more serious and I've been relaxing after school every day and not feeling guilty about it.

Now, please, tell me what made you happy this week!


  1. I think this is such an awesome idea! When I feel extra stressed I make a point to make a list each day, first what stresses me, and then all the positives (no matter how small). It ends my day in such a good way! I like your idea about happy Friday, because then you start the weekend on such a good note! I took a long trip to Trader Joe's to buy lots of healthy food, and some pretty flowers. :)

  2. That's a good idea to make a list of things that are stressing you, and the positives!

    Is it weird that I dream of shopping at a Trader Joes? haha

  3. I'm glad you like the idea! It honestly removes the weight on my mind, because I get the stressful things out of my brain, and start thinking of all the positives. I do it before bed and I always feel so much better. Going to try your Happy Friday concept tomorrow!

    PS It is NOT weird to dream of shopping at Trader Joes! There is no better place in the world! Have you been to one? I'm very uncultured and have no idea if they are in China and/or Canada!

  4. No, I've never been to one. I just drool whenever another blogger/instagrammer/person mentions it ;) We definitely don't have them in China and I'm pretty sure there aren't any in Canada.

    I also dream of Whole Foods and Target. Canada had Targets for a year-ish but now they're all closing :(

  5. Haha that's true! I'm sure I save money by shopping in Chinese markets.

    I go home to Canada every summer, for 4-7 weeks.


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