Monday, March 23, 2015


// I'm trying to say no more often.

// 5 ways to get rid of anxiety without medication

// It goes so fast (not a parenting essay)

// Ever wondered what your life would be like if you lived it according to Pinterest?

// I still kinda wish we were having a brunch wedding.

// Have you played Google Feud?! I just discovered it!

// I have a thing for engineer prints.

// I love hearing the stories behind people's tattoos.

// More tattooed women!

// If someone wanted to bake these for me, I wouldn't mind.

// I thought this while watching Big Hero 6 last weekend!

// This made me want to dance AND watch a movie.

// 9 photo composition tips (I never watch YouTube videos—yawn—so you know these 2 links must be good!)

(Artwork by Dallas Clayton)

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