Tuesday, November 18, 2014

welcome to china / 6.

welcome to china - big load

Where sights like this are not uncommon.

(Photo by @beijingbri)

P.S. #1-5


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I am flying from Canada to Thailand with a layover in Beijing. I have no idea if I'm allowed to leave the airport (I have a long layover-6 hours) but I was going to offer to bring you Canadian stuff if you needed anything.

  2. I just checked my ticket and am actually stopping in Hong Kong. Oops:(

  3. Oh man, no matter what, that is such a nice offer, so sweet! It's the thought that counts! Thank you SO much!

  4. P.S. Thailand! So exciting! I went to Thailand in... 2013, I think haha :) You can read about that here if you want: http://www.sunshineandwhimsy.net/search/label/highlights%20from%20thailand Please eat all kinds of green curry and spring rolls for me, and drink lots of fresh fruit shakes! And try the iced coffee at the 7/11s; random, but so good!


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