Wednesday, October 01, 2014

resources for twenty-somethings: 22.

Yes, I wish I had discovered this song when I was 22. And yes, I know that everyone is currently obsessed with Taylor's new song.

But despite the fact that I'm 24 now—soon to be 25, and the song has been out for some time, and everyone has probably moved on, I think "22" is still relevant.

Every time I hear it, I start singing and begin a little dance party wherever I am. This song makes me feel better. Happy. Vibrant. Young. I'm instantly transported to my earlier twenty-something days, where I'm dancing with new friends in the parking lot of my university residence late at night, wearing pyjamas that kind of pass for shorts (who was I kidding?), drinking a slushie (I think some of you would call it a slurpee?).

So, press play, sing along, and dance it out. Remember days that were less stressful, although you didn't know it at the time. Or revel in the nights that precede days that are spent being less stressed, although you don't know it yet.

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