Tuesday, October 07, 2014

how to stress less.

How to stress less: take a bath.

Take a bath.

I don't consider myself a bath person. Nope. I'm definitely more of a shower person.

But last spring, with muscles achy from stress, I found myself occasionally taking baths at the end of long days teaching preschool. And every time I lowered myself into the hot water, I would think, Ah, why don't I take baths more often?

It's true what they say: the stress melts away. Add bubble bath or a bath bomb, a book and maybe a candle—I become a stress-free puddle.

P.S. More tips for stressing less right here.


  1. I am 100pct bath person! I only take a shower after a workout!!! Daily baths sometimes 2x a day...I try not to make them too hot or too deep...even 4 inches of water is preferred to a shower!!!

  2. Couldn't agree more. Had a hard week at work + took a one hour bath yesterday... it was like every stress washed away!


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