Thursday, October 23, 2014


rediscovering my love for Joshua Radin.

lighting candles every night (and weekend afternoons).

lusting after more Lush products.

taking more baths than ever before.

cooking (and eating) as many slow cooker meals as possible.

hooked on Serial.

reading Happier at Home.

feeling a little down. (maybe it's the change in season/weather?)

thinking about what "self care" means to me.

rocking the top knot again (but only at home).

drinking a smoothie every weekday morning (+ 2 cups of coffee, with a splash of milk, no sugar).

drinking tea every night (this and this are my current favourites).

excited to dive into Blog Life.

trying to keep our plants alive.

starting to get excited about planning a (tiny) wedding.

wondering if 25 will feel any different than 24.


  1. I am a little envious of the bath! That's one thing we are missing in our new place. :-) Last winter I think I almost lived in the bath haha!

  2. Oh man! I'm not a bath person, but Lush has me converted!


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