Tuesday, September 23, 2014

a trip to the plant market.

I had to do a quick search to see if I had ever blogged about the plant market and I was surprised to see that I hadn't. But I guess I shouldn't be that surprised; I don't think I've been to the plant market since my first year in Beijing. At least, not to buy plants. (I bought Goldfish there! (Never mind, I just realized that was also during my first year.) Who is still alive, KNOCK ON WOOD! And oh man, I just got all sentimental because looking at the photo here, I realize he's actually gotten a lot bigger since then.)

Ok, tangent over. Ahem. 

ANYWAY. We had our last 2 or 3 plants die over the summer while we were in Canada. (One friend who shall remain nameless—Alanna!—insists that they were dead before we put them in the hallway for the ayis to take care of, but I insist that at least one of them was still alive.) So after much convincing that we needed more plants because they'll make our air healthier/produce oxygen and they're beautiful, Tony and I walked to the plant market by Lady Street this weekend. 

And like always, I was in heaven.

I'm convinced you can breathe easier as soon as you walk into the building. I mean, of course you probably can. It's a building filled with oxygen makers. 

Look at the colours here!

So many succulents. Blogland, are you drooling?

I love looking at all the different varieties of plants that I have no idea how to not kill. 

The plant market has more than just plants. Yup. Turtles and rabbits and fish, oh my. Plus crabs and mice and birds and I don't remember what else.

We ended up buying 4 plants—two Snake Plants and two plants that I don't know the name of. We put 3 in the living room and one in the bedroom. We were supposed to put two in the bedroom but Tony was all, Um. No one puts plants in the bedroom. I gave him a look like, Are you crazy? And he said, They don't make oxygen at night! And again, I'm like, Are you crazy? But I googled it. And it turns out he's right. Except for Snake Plants! Apparently, Snake Plants convert CO2 into oxygen at night!  So that means we're both kind of right, right?!

I'm going back to the plant market soon. Any suggestions for plants that improve air quality, are beautiful, and are hard to kill?


  1. Oh wow, the succulent selection is incredible!

    1. That was only one of the succulent sections! There are so many!

  2. For the record, I have a spider plant in my bedroom...

    1. Haha you tell him! I plan on adding more plants to our bedroom. Snake Plant or not.

  3. Hey as someone moving to Beijing in a few weeks, I was wondering if you'd mind giving some advice on how much plants cost/ easiest places to find green stuff in China? :) I'm from Canada and that's the only thing I'm really sad about is well, I'm really going to miss green spaces.

  4. Hi Lizz! I always go to the same place to buy plants, the one I blogged about here, beside Lady Street. I had to look up the name and this is the best article I found to describe it: http://www.beijing-visitor.com/beijing-shopping/laitai-flower-market

    When you go to buy plants, make sure you barter! You can get small plants (also depending on how nice/size of the pot) for 30-50RMB, and bigger plants for 100-300RMB (approximate prices). And sometimes you can get delivery included or pay a little more.

    Beijing definitely isn't as green as Toronto, but if you fill your apartment with plants, that helps. Also, the city has some nice parks and if you go outside of the city, there's great hiking!

  5. P.S. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me!


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