Thursday, August 28, 2014

this is exactly why I want to elope.

I watched this and couldn't decide if I should be laughing or nodding in sympathy. So I did both. I laughed so loud and nodded so hard.

Guys, I've we've barely started on all of this wedding planning shit and already I'm cringing. (Sidenote: I have to be careful who I say things like that to, but here's the thing: I'm excited about the marriage, just not the wedding.)

I would love nothing more than to elope with maybe two friends, say some vows, exchange the rings, and then eat some yummy food, drink some delicious drinks, go on a relaxing/fun trip, and be done with it.

More thoughts on engagements and weddings coming soon. Maybe.


  1. That video is hysterical! Ooof, wedding planning sounds like so much work -- best of luck planning your day!

  2. Hilarious video! When we got married we went with a hall that took care of a lot of the stuff that stressed me out wedding wise. It was perfect for us since we had to plan while we were overseas, and also because we left planning to maybe six months before the date! :o We originally wanted a destination wedding cause it'd be easier and lovely to be in some place tropical. :) But, then I found my dress, and completely changed my mind! Haha, and oops!

  3. Sorry the comment is broken up, but it wouldn't let me write it all. Maybe that's a sign, lol. ;) Anyway, we had a very small wedding with maybe 30 people. Some family that could make it and close friends. It was absolutely wonderful, and we wouldn't do it any other way. Basically you guys have to do what fits best with you. It's your day, and you can do whatever you like! And from your most recent post it sounds like yours will be a lovely 'wedding'! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing about others' small weddings!

  4. If people put half as much effort into their marriage as they do their wedding, the divorce rate might not be so high. :)


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