Tuesday, July 01, 2014

july: currently.

making plans for our visit to Canada! 17 sleeps! (Technically 18 if you count the naps I'll take on the plane.)

barbecuing as often as possible. Chicken breasts, veggie kebabs, grilled potatoes.

drinking soda water.

eating chicken feet. Or not eating, as the case was.

reading The Good Luck of Right Now. Or will be soon, once I download it from NB's electronic library!

wanting white bedding. So badly.

playing Crazy Eights with Tony almost every day. He's on a winning streak.

enjoying visiting with Tony's mom, niece, and nephew, who are here for a couple weeks.

liking the thunderstorm that is happening right now.

loving the cuddles I'm getting from the 2- and 3-year olds I'm teaching during summer camp.

watching Orange Is the New Black. Still—I decided to savour it.

hoping for clean air tomorrow and, even better, for the weekend. 

wishing my fellow Canadians a happy Canada Day!

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