Friday, July 04, 2014

9 reasons America is better than Canada.

This list is dedicated to Cara, my best friend and an American. She lived in Canada for 4 years, and I've spent almost 4 years giving her a growing list of why I think Americans have it better than us Canadians.*

The list would spurt out from my lips in parts whenever there was a reminder—an ad on TV, a popular TV show, an online shopping experience, a visit to the U.S. I told her that someday, I'd write it all down for her.

Now, on the Fourth of July, here it is:

1. Obama
You have Barack Obama; we have Stephen Harper. Enough said.

2. Your Netflix selection is better.
I mean sure, we have Mad About You, but you have... well, I forget what you have that we don't because right now I'm using American Netflix because I'm in China and using a VPN, but trust me, you have a wider selection.

3. Hulu
Another online television source that we don't have. Enjoy.

4. Your country is featured in television shows and movies.
Yah, we have Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea, but you've got so much more. The West Wing, The Newsroom, GIRLS, just to name a few. America just seems more exciting. And I know way more about American politics than Canadian politics because of television and movies. Media for the win!

5. Trader Joes
I wanna shop there, too!

6. Groceries
Speaking of grocery shopping, you have a much wider selection of groceries. AND you can buy alcohol in your grocery stores! That should be a point all on its own...

7. You can buy alcohol in your grocery stores!

8. Free shipping and returns.
Most stores offer free shipping and returns. Do you realize this is not the case in Canada? Man, if I lived in America, I'd do all my shopping online. No more horribly lit dressing rooms or waiting in line. Take advantage of this for the rest of us!

9. Big Brother and Survivor
I was always jealous because you could apply to be on these shows. And way back when, Trading Spaces. That was my dream.

I'm pretty sure I had more reasons on this list, but I forget them right now. Point is, lack of ketchup chips aside, Americans, you've got it made.

Happy Fourth of July!

*Obviously this is meant as a joke. Although I would totally love free shipping and returns, and I do love Obama, and I do wish we had Trader Joes. 

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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