Tuesday, June 24, 2014

things I want to remember about tonight + a small rant.

I had an appointment tonight and Tony came with me which was so nice of him because it wasn't an important appointment AND his friends asked him to play basketball, but he said, "Nope. I told you I'd go with you first and I don't want you to be alone." So, despite me telling him he could play basketball instead,* he walked with me and we laughed and argued and laughed and it was perfect.

And then! We decided we might as well go for hot pot because we had already walked "far" tonight so "we shouldn't waste the walking, right?" and "we can just put the hamburger in the freezer and have pasta another day." And hot pot is my favourite. And also, it tickles me that I have someone to make plans with and to change plans with spur of the moment. (Yes, I just used "tickles." It's true, though.)

When we were finished eating, I told Tony a friend had to take her cat to the vet. 

"Vet? What's that?" 

"Veterinarian. Animal doctor. You know?" 

"No. Say it again." ... "Spell it." (And that reminded me of how he used to spell words out with his finger on my arm or shoulder or whatever body part was closest to him and I loved it and I miss it.)

And then he practiced saying "veterinarian" over and over but it kept coming out "veterin-onion" and my god, I love everything about him. 

"Say it again!?"


And then we went next door to get bubble tea because I'm addicted. And a swingy, fun version of "If You're Going to San Francisco" was playing and I grabbed Tony and we started dancing, right there in front of the tea shop, spinning and doing a couple of fancy (ha!) twirls, not caring who was looking. 

And Tony, laughing, said, "I love you" and in almost the same breath, "You're sweaty!" So I laughed some more and declared we had to take a selfie because. 

Have I mentioned I love him? 

*Can I just rant for a minute about how men (and probably women, but in our case it's always been men) joke, "Oh, she said you can go/stay/whatever, but she really means the opposite. Better start learning that now, Tony." No. No I don't mean the opposite. I don't play games. Because #1. He doesn't need my permission to do something. #2. He can make up his own mind. #3. If I didn't actually want him to go/stay/whatever, I'd tell him. So let's stop with the jokes because even if they're "all in fun," the message they send about women isn't. Right?


  1. So sweet! I love that you take pictures during these moments too :)

  2. I don't know how to say this without sounding creepy, but this got me choked up. Your happiness is oozing from it, and it makes me beyond proud to see you let yourself feel like this. You are an amazing person, a beautiful soul, and a wonderful friend. I hope that one day I can find love like you have found.

  3. Ahh, this post is so adorable. I love that you included the asterisk- you're so right about everything!


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