Thursday, May 15, 2014

these streets will make you feel brand new.

There's just something about this photo. I literally did a sharp intake of breath when I saw it, and when I exhaled, thought, "I just want to live there! I want to be walking down that street right now, popping into stores, grabbing a coffee..."

P.S. Please tell me you sung the title of this post. No? Okay, read it again and tell me you aren't at least humming.

P.P.S. NYC tips and etiquette.

(Photo: Dooce)


  1. I definitely sang the title! Also, I love big cities like NY. Boston is my absolute favorite- I think it combines a tight-knit community feeling with beautiful architecture/old brick buildings and busy street life!

    And thanks for getting that song stuck in my head :P

  2. One of my best friends lives in Boston and I want to visit her so badly!


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