Sunday, May 11, 2014

thank you, mom.

Thank you for driving me to work at the Hartland library (and picking me up!) 5 times a week the summer after my first year of university.

Thank you for taking me to Murray's Restaurant every Thursday night after work that summer for a bowl of soup or a piece of pie (and sometimes both).

Thank you for taking me to a dance the night after my first big breakup.

Thank you for taking a day off work and buying me a lawn chair after my last breakup.

Thank you for sending me packages while I'm in China.

Thank you for being open about things like drugs and sex.

Thank you for reading and having books in our home while I was growing up.

Thank you for always buying me the newest Harry Potter book.

Thank you for being my valentine for the past 24 years.

Thank you for buying me pet hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, fish, cats, and dogs.

Thank you for teaching me and my grade one class how to do plastic canvas.

Thank you for having spontaneous food fights in our kitchen.

Thank you for picking me up at 4AM the night I decided to walk home from Max's.

Thank you for the heart-shaped bologna sandwiches and notes on napkins you'd put in my lunch.

Thank you for buying me a new shirt for almost every middle school dance I went to.

Thank you for taking the seeds out of my watermelon and letting Murray and I sit on the couch, draped in towels, to eat the watermelon.

Thank you for taking me to see Casper at the theatre and for buying me a box of mini Oh Henrys.

Thank you for taking me and Dedra to Dari Delite so many times.

Thank you for spontaneously taking me and Murray to the park because the girls on our street were being mean to me.

Thank you for letting me shout, "I just want baba ganoush!" in the grocery store—multiple grocery stores.

Thank you for being the coolest mom around, then and now.

Happy Mother's Day! xo


  1. I love this post so much. Your mom sounds so amazing (: Happy Mother's Day to her!

  2. Your mom sounds so cool! I'm sure she appreciates each of those specific things you listed!


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