Monday, May 19, 2014


laughing at this dorky photo Tony took of me after one of the below-mentioned wing nights. 

obsessed with bubble tea. I could drink it every day, but I've been limiting myself to a couple a week.

drinking white wine and smoothies, at opposite times of the day, of course. 

eating applesauce chicken. We've made it once a week for the last month. We add broccoli and cook it in the slow cooker the same way Summer suggests for her strawberry soy chicken

reading The Lowland. It's my second time downloading it because I'm a butthead and forgot about it the first time. Also, hooray for libraries! (I'm still using my NB library card to download e-books.)

watching House of Cards. Tony and I are slowing making our way through. We're halfway done the second season, I think. No spoilers, please!

listening to podcasts every morning. So far I've subscribed to Elise's, Sarah's, and Jess'.

learning a new Chinese word or phrase a day.

feeling relieved and happier since I quit Chinese lessons/fired my Chinese teacher. 

loving that I'm back into the ritual of going to "wing night." It might not be Snooty Fox, but there are cheap wings, good beer, and good people. 

trying to be more patient. With Tony, my students, other people in general, and myself. 

starting to get excited about going home for the summer. Exactly two months from today, Tony and I will be landing in Canada! (And he'll be drinking his first Tim Hortons coffee! And marveling at his first Canadian sky!)


  1. Thanks for posting links for podcasts- ever since Elise started hers, I've been hunting for some other ones that I like as much but I can't find any. I'll try Sarah's and Jess' and let you know what I think!

    Hooray for Tim Horton's coffee! I had some while I was visiting family in Maine and they had all sorts of nicknames like Timmy Ho's, Tim Ho's, etc. lol I wonder if you guys up in Canada do as well?

  2. Mmmm that applesauce chicken sounds good!

  3. Mika - Yes, please let me know what you think! And if you have any recs for me, I'd love to hear them!

    And yes, there are lots of nicknames in Canada, too! I usually just say the whole thing or Tim's though!

    Josette - It is! Please try it! And the strawberry soy chicken!

  4. I recently quite my Chinese class/fired my teacher too ha! I love learning Chinese but I didn't like the way the teacher taught! It was a lot of rote learning and memorising answers to questions that I never got to practise asking. And she was rushing me through a book, even though I kept saying I didn't know the previous stuff. I miss learning it but I do enjoy having the extra free time...I'm planning on starting again after summer but with a different teacher/school. Why did you quit? Oh and I can't wait for the summer holidays. We finish one month today! But I'm travelling not going home.

  5. Joella - I quit for all the reasons you mentioned! Plus, I felt like a lot of what I was learning wasn't applicable/useful for everyday life. And... she was rude. I know it's Chinese culture to be blunt with friends/family (sometimes even strangers), but our teacher often said mean/rude things to us... calling me fat, accusing us of being alcoholics because we had bottles of wine, etc. (She taught us in our homes.) And she wasn't joking. Finally, I just had enough. I figured, I wasn't enjoying/getting enough out of the lessons AND she was rude, so why not save my money?

    Now Tony has been writing a word or phrase on a post-it note each day haha They're much more useful! I think I might find someone different to teach me next year though.

    So exciting! Where are you travelling?

  6. oh wow- she sounds horrible!! That's a great idea to have Tony help you like that! Ooh yeh I am so excited for Summer. We are going to travel in Western China first and then hop over to Indonesia! We are moving house the day after school finished too! It's going to be an action packed few months! :-)


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