Monday, April 21, 2014

happy easter.

Every night, I ask Tony, "What's one thing that made you sad today? Angry? Happy?" Usually, he asks me the same questions in return. 

His answers yesterday:
Sad: "Nothing." 
Angry: "No." 
Happy: "Playing catch." 

My answers: 
Sad: "This food." (In regards to our "Easter dinner.") 
Angry: "No thing." 
Happy: "Walking and laughing with you." 

Tony told me my answer for what made me happy was too general and I said, "No! That's what made me happiest today! We walked to Starbucks and laughed. We walked back from Starbucks and laughed. We walked to hot pot and laughed; we walked back and laughed. We walked to dinner and laughed and we'll probably walk back and laugh." 

On one of those walks, our arms were slung around each other like we were best friends instead of "romantic partners," and we were laughing like fools and he looked at me and said, "This is why I love you." And I looked at him and said, "Me too. You know, I don't think a single day has gone by in the last year that we haven't made each other laugh. Not even the days when we weren't together or the days we fought." 

It was a happy Easter indeed.


  1. I love that. By that, I mean your daily evaluations of the day, i.e what made you happiest. What a nice way to acknowledge and be grateful for your experiences!

  2. Andi - Thanks!

    Jillian - I read it in an article somewhere and it's been really great! We're communicating more than just the "How was your day?" "Fine." conversation, and I'm learning more about what makes him feel certain ways.

  3. I don't know why I am such a comment-holic on your blog, but it's probably because I love all your posts and I can relate to them in some way! (sorry about all the notifications, though!) I've been meaning to start asking my boyfriend more personal questions like what you did, asking specifics, rather than "how was your day?"
    Also, it makes me really happy that you've noticed that you make each other laugh every single day- it's so important. (:

  4. No need to apologize; I love hearing from people! And my boyfriend and I have an ongoing joke: He teases me that no one reads my blog (I promise it's not as mean as it sounds!), so every time someone leaves a comment or emails me, he'll say, "Oh! One more reader! That's 5 now!" (Or some other random number.)


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