Monday, March 24, 2014

when did we get so domestic?

[14-03-24 2:32:16 PM] Amanda Greer: my chiense class is at 7 tonight*
[14-03-24 2:33:44 PM] Tony Zhang: ok, i will cook as soon as i get home
[14-03-24 2:41:42 PM] Amanda Greer: i realized we forgot to take out chicken so as soon as we get home, i will
[14-03-24 2:42:53 PM] Tony Zhang: ...
[14-03-24 2:42:59 PM] Tony Zhang: i don't think it's enough
[14-03-24 2:43:13 PM] Amanda Greer: time you mean?
[14-03-24 2:43:47 PM] Tony Zhang: ya
[14-03-24 2:45:46 PM] Amanda Greer: ok so we eat what?**
[14-03-24 2:48:30 PM] Tony Zhang: chicken, when u get home, put the chicken in a bowl and fill with some hot water
[14-03-24 2:48:53 PM] Amanda Greer: hot water from the water cooler? or just from the tap you mean?
[14-03-24 2:49:16 PM] Tony Zhang: from the tap
[14-03-24 2:50:49 PM] Amanda Greer: ok
[14-03-24 2:50:57 PM] Tony Zhang: k

*Obviously that's supposed to say "Chinese."
**I've noticed the way I talk/type has changed a bit since moving to China/starting to learn Mandarin. Once upon a time my grammar skillz (ha!)—no, but really—were something I was proud of. Now, I sometimes find myself using the Mandarin sentence structure (subject+time+place+verb+object) even when I'm speaking/writing in English. Oops.

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