Thursday, February 27, 2014

a reason to celebrate.

I don't know how many pictures of a blue sky I've posted on this blog, but today's deserves to be celebrated. After endless days of pollution, the air quality index being "hazardous," opening up the curtains this morning and seeing a blue sky felt like a miracle. Walking to school this morning I think I actually had a bounce in my step. If my life were a musical, I would have broke into song. Now that I think of it, I was humming.

This morning one of my boys took my hand and said, "Today's so shiny!" Another said, "I love the sun, Ms. Amanda!" Another yelled, "Sky is blue!"

After a week of being stuck indoors, my kiddos were super happy to play outside. "Ms. Amanda! Can we play Red Light, Green Light?!"

Yup, today's blue sky is a reason to celebrate.

Update: Celebrate, we did. By going to Häagen-Dazs and getting ice cream. Macadamia nut and chocolate for me, strawberry cheesecake for him.

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