Monday, July 08, 2013

spontaneous road trip to PEI!

Jammin' with my girl. 

So... it's lookin' like the trip to Boston isn't going to happen. Womp womp. (But really, I'll be super disappointed if it doesn't. I was pretty excited about it.)

BUT! Bright side, when Melissa and I realized it, we started thinking of other fun things we could do instead. Day trips to St. Andrews, Saint John, camping, a trip to PEI... 

Yes, we decided, we wanted to go to PEI. I've never been (except for once, at night, in the transport truck with my Dad, so that doesn't count) and it's been years since Melissa's been. We thought we'd go in two weeks, but then we found out yesterday that Melissa's Grandmom's friend has a cottage in Cavendish we could stay at for free... if we went today. Okay! 

Spontaneous road trip to PEI! 

My goals: Lay on the beach. Get in the water. Eat seafood. Maybe see Anne of Green Gables? And laugh a lot with my girl. 

You can follow along with our shenanigans if you want on Twitter and Instagram. #AandMdoPEI


  1. have a great trip!!

  2. How fun! PEI is such a beautiful place. We went there for our honeymoon. :) Def. see Anne of Green Gables if you're a fan of the books/movies etc... It's lovely, and feels like you've stepped back in time. The beaches are amazing, too! Hope you have a fantastic time! And if you're in Charlottetown I totally recommend going to The Gahan House for great brews and food. ^^


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